When interviewing for a position on a Motion Picture or Television series, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Research the show, movie or Production Company ahead of time.  If it is a series, study as many episodes as you can so you can speak intelligently about it.
  2. Know all you can about the person or persons you are meeting with.  Do your homework.
  3. Know what they are looking for.  Be sure to point out your qualifications that satisfy their desires.
  4. Show them your passion and desire for the job.  But don’t run off at the mouth.  Energy is good, but nonstop talking isn’t.
  5. While in the waiting area, do not text.  It gives you low confidence posture which will be reflected when you go into the room.
  6. Always keep your head and chest up, and shoulders back.  High power poses will increase testosterone and lower cortisol.
  7. Never cross arms or sit with legs under the chair.  Keep loose arms, face up, non-contracted legs, and your hands visible.
  8. Try not to sit directly opposite the interview as it can somewhat feel confrontational.
  9. Demonstrate your confidence.
  10. Demonstrate your flexibility.
  11. Don’t be negative or critical of them, the show, or anything or anyone else.  You never know if someone in the room is associated with it or them.
  12. Be honest.  Lies will always come back to haunt you.
  13. Be a good listener.
  14. Leave with a networking contact.  Even if you don’t get the job, you now have expanded your network.